We pride ourselves on offering a high quality food service. Special care and attention is devoted to the menus. In more detail the range of culinary dishes offered are worth highlighting. The menus are changed frequently according to the specialities of each season.

In this way the fare, on offer at the Infinito, always consists of top quality products all year round which revive the typical cuisine of the Marche region. In particular, we must not forget our handmade pasta such as tagliatelle, lasagne, passatelli and gnocchi,home made bread and cakes and quality meats such as lamb, wild boar, rabbit and veal.

Besides the cooking, the restaurant offers a wide selection of pizzas, ranging from the traditional ones to the more original ones and which can be personalised to satisfy diners' tastes.

All dishes are GM-free and are made with the best ingredients available.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day of the week.

  • Meat menu
  • Delicious meat dishes that blend local tradition with original and innovative ingredients. Particular attention is paid to the selection of the finest cuts of meat, sourced locally but also internationally, such as from Argentina, Ireland, Scotland and America.

  • Fish menu
  • A wide variety of seafood dishes is offered which are carefully selected to provide consistently high quality products. Our preference for the use of fresh produce also allows us to base the daily menu on the day's catch.Therefore we are able to blend varied and innovative dishes into our traditional menu.

  • Side dishes
  • The side dishes menu consists of classics such as fried vegetables, roast potatoes and vegetables au gratin. The menu is enriched with dishes that vary throughout the year, according to the seasonal nature of vegetables.

  • Pizzas
  • We offer a vast array of tomato-based and white pizzas, ranging from the traditional pizzas to the more unusual ones, as well as a selection of "seasonal" pizzas. All pizzas are prepared using high quality ingredients.

  • Wine list
  • The excellent selection of wines from the Marche region is supplemented by high quality wines from other regions in Italy.

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