The region

The Infinito Country House is situated at the heart of the Marche, a short distance from the region's biggest natural and historic-cultural attractions.

Serra de Conti

The town of Serra de'Conti rises in the hills of the Misa river valley and provides a charming glimpse of the past that only ancient medieval village soffer. Do not miss the Museum of Monastic Arts.

Riviera del Conero

The Riviera del Conero represents the stretch of coast that runs from Portonovo to Numana, between the blue sea and the deep green of the Mediterranean maquis, amongst hidden coves and ancient villages steeped in history and waiting to be explored. Monte Conero, the Marche region's first natural park to be established, in 1987, is a small chalky promontory, which drops down towards the sea, creating one of the most beautiful and rugged stretches of Adriatic coastline.


This city of art was in its heyday under the patronage of Federico da Montefeltro. The Duke Federico III made it a major centre of culture and art of the Italian Renaissance. It is the birthplace of two great artists, Bramante and Raffaello Sanzio.


The town made famous by the poet Giacomo Leopardi (whose works inspiredour name). The birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi which he went on to remember in his poems. Recanati is a charming town whose history boasts the presence of illustrious figures such as Lorenzo Lotto and Beniamino Gigli.


The ancient Sena Gallica is world famous for its velvet beach: 12 km of sandy beach which has been awarded the prestigious blue flag for the past 14 years. Do not miss the Portici Ercolani, the ForoAnnonario, the Rocca Roveresca and the splendid Rotonda a mare.

Grotte di Frasassi

Every year thousands of people visit the spectacular Frasassi Grottoes. They represent an imposing underground complex where the water has created stalactites and stalagmites of unique beauty. The tourist route, accessible to all in complete safety, winds through the mountain for 1.5 miles, resulting in a guided tour lasting for about an hour and a half. The more adventurous among you can also choose between two different potholing trails of differing degrees of difficulty.

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