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  • Christmas Menu & Grand New Year's Eve Menu

    Celebrate with us Christmas and New Year's Eve 2011.

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  • Grass Pea Festival

    Last weekend in November / Serra de'Conti
    This humble legume, one of the staple foods of our grandparents’ rural diet, undergoes a revival in many delicious new recipes. The event is held in the characteristic wine cellars which are opened specially for the occasion.

  • Halloween

    Last weekend in October / Corinaldo
    In celebration of Halloween, the town of Corinaldo is filled with celebrations, masks, thrills and lots of fun atmosphere.

  • Night of the Spirits

    Last weekend in October / Ostra
    The festival which beats all fear! The cellars of the historic centre host the preparation of traditional dishes accompanied by the finest Marche wines, musical entertainment, DJ and craft markets.

  • Pergolesi Spontini Festival

    September / Jesi
    International festival dedicated to the appreciation of the two composers Pergolesi and Spontini.

  • Grape Festival

    Last weekend in September / Arcevia
    Each year September sees the celebration of grapes and wine in the town of Arcevia which holds the Grape Festival. Now in its 58th year, the festival takes place on 23-25 September 2011 at the Cloister of San Francesco, where you can take part in shows and wine tastings. From Friday, 23 September at the 14 inns serving good food you can taste a wide range of specialities. On Saturday, 24 September, in the Cloister Divino (staged in the cloister of San Francesco), there will be an exhibition and wine tasting of local producers.

  • Wine Festival DOC

    First weekend in May / Morro d'Alba
    Festival of the local wine, Lacrima di Morro d'Alba DOC, an established tradition of over 40 years.It originated to enhance and raise awareness of the typical Marche wine of Lacrima di Morro d'Alba DOC, made from a native grape variety which dates back to Roman times. The festival has food stands offering local specialities where you can enjoy our excellent wine in good company.

  • Adriatic Mediterranean Festival

    Last weekend in August / Ancona
    Concerts, theatre, exhibitions and film. An initiative that combines quality with a cultural dimension which can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Grape Festival

    Last weekend in September / Cupramontana
    The first edition of the festival dates back to 23 September 1928, certainly the oldest in the Marche region, and amongst the first in Italy. The Grape festival of Cupramontana is now in its 74th year. The special festival date has been the first Sunday in October for many decades now. The festival is ideally linked to the ancient festivals that were held during Roman times: the Liberalia, Vinalia and the Meditrinalia, or pagan harvest festivals in celebration of grapes and wine. It is a harvest festival but also celebrates the fertility of the land, which is particularly rich in Verdicchio vineyards in this region.

  • Regional Crafts Exhibition Market

    September / Fabriano
    The exhibition-festival dedicated to crafts opens on Thursday 15 September at 18.00 in the historic centre of Fabriano until 18 September and hosts approximately 100 artisans. This edition is also enriched, other than the four historic locations ofPiazza G.B. Miliani, the Municipality, Loggia San Francisco and Civic Art Gallery,by an additional prestigious exhibition venue at the Palazzo del Podestà.

  • Summer Jamboree

    July / Senigallia
    International music and culture festival of 1940-50s America that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

  • CaterRaduno

    Last weekend in June / Senigallia
    An event that is eagerly awaited by fans of the cult Radio 2 broadcast Caterpillar: information and humour for a week of concerts and shows.

  • Pane Nostrum

    September / Senigallia
    A special Chef edition forPane Nostrum 2011! The two celebrity chefs, Mauro Uliassi and Moreno Cedroni, will be appearing at the XI International Bread Festival from 15 to 18 September in Senigallia (Marche - AN). Four days on Senigallia’s velvet beach with delicious breadmaking aromas, the art of breadmaking and naturally grown products. There will be open-air ovens, free breadmaking courses, workshops and tastings for everyone, also for people with celiac disease. The central theme of the eleventh edition is "The Bread from regions which span the Adriatic", in search of breadmaking traditions from: Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Emilia Romagna, the Marche and Abruzzo. Bakers will also come from Tuscany, Calabria, Sicily, France, Germany as well as Slow Food protected foods.

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